Paul Alan Ruben-Writer/Producer/Teacher

“Since 1990 I have been a foreign language and award-winning audio book producer. I’ve employed Adriana numerous times. She has always been my first choice and the actress whose talents I measure her peers against. A native Spanish speaker, Adriana combines the vital components necessary for superlative performance: perfect pronunciation, a sublime vocal instrument and wonderfully nuanced interpretative ability. She is also that rare actress whose command of English – specifically, vocabulary and rhythm – equals her American counterparts. Her work is unparalleled. I happily offer my highest recommendation.”

Manny Herrera-Spanish Audiobook Producer at DuArt Film and Video

“It is a great pleasure to give my support for Adriana Sananes and her vital contribution to the entertainment profession in the United States. Adriana is a recognized and critically acclaimed actress an extraordinary and supremely talented artist, and her contribution to the American and Spanish theatre and voice-over in USA is indispensable. Every performance is a gift to us. In addition, she enriches the Spanish-speaking entertainment industry in United States and abroad. Her sensitivity to nuance has also allowed her to develop her incredible natural gift for voice performance.”

Bruce Kaiser-KaiserSound LLC

“As a specialist in foreign language recording, I rely on Adriana’s expertise, and knowledge of both generic and Castilian Spanish to create pristine voice tracks. Her professionalism always results in error-free projects brought in on time and on budget. She never disappoints.”